Notes for web team

Please use your phone to check the site often.

News desk page

They are demo samples only and not meant to be published. When many news items have accumulated they can be cut back to, say, the 20 most recent.
The sidebar shows titles only, for just a few most recent news items, in order of original published date.

The WordPress Latest Posts Block was used instead of the Template one to have control over when to display titles only, excerpts only (with a Read more…), or items in full, and some other things.

In the back end just go to Posts (that is Posts not Pages) and write a news item then publish. It appears automatically in both places. Netta

Print friendly

Reader view is print friendly. WP-Print plugin possibility.

Hint is in the Guides and help page.

Use categories for Posts

To handle separately Recent news, From our President, and in due course Newsletters

Handy WordPress links

Types of blocks

Two accordions on a page


Choose a buttons block to make buttons.

Main Menu

The first ten menu items are for launch date: Home, About us, Courses, To Join and Enrol, Tutors and Volunteers, Guides and Help, News, Other sites, Contact us, Logins. Chosen from User point of view. Ten is more than enough according to the experts!

All items following Logins are not for launch date except for pages under Drafting that need developing then added to one of the ten main menu items.

Broadly, the ten main menu items define categories of content matter and hint at the future. Further down the track I would suggest Tutors go under Courses and Volunteers under About us to make room for new ideas for member participation in particular.

Top menu parent item links

Under revision

The following parent items in the top menu link straight to UFM:
To join and enrol
Contact us

The first item in a pulldown list is not always a repeat of the parent item.

All sub-menu items link to the topics named, never UFM.

Homepage realities

Homepage to be finalised close to the end. Important to have the Pages and Posts of the site content well stabilised first.

The four boxes link to Pages – governed by Template. We can choose which Pages they are to be.

The Courses and activities box and words under (not strictly a caption) link to the Current courses page.

To join and enrol box and words link to that Page.

We can decide just what boxes 3 and 4 should link to close to the end.

And whether or not any words under are really needed for any of the boxes.