To join and enrol online

Help materials are being developed and more added here from day to day.


In the main menu, hover over Logins at the right end.
Already a member? Then select Member login.
Not a member? You would like to join us? Then select To join.

Each button opens some help material.
[If you are at all like me, you first like to have an idea of how many steps there will be and what each might be about. Ed.]


Full member

We now offer just one level of membership, to each person who joins U3A Stonnington.

Join our U3A

If you are not a member you will be able to join U3A Stonnington from 18 January.

Enrol in courses

Members enrol online for the courses they choose. There will be more information nearer 18 January when enrolments begin.


You receive an Enrolment confirmation to download or print.

Record each absence please

When you know you will miss a session, please let us know by going Logins > Member login > My Absences.


Go Logins > Member login > My Absences also to cancel enrolment for a course you will have to miss.

R U up to date?

To be sure to get all messages, it pays to keep your personal details current in every way. For example, go Logins > Member Login > My Membership to check that your email address is up to date.


$30 per person for 2021.

Payable as an annual fee, on joining at any point during the year.

The cost of a trip or excursion is payable when enrolling for it. There are no further fees for courses, but some classes might involve a personal cost for materials. 


Donations are always welcome, to help with costs of equipment and operations.

When to pay

When you have enrolled you get an Invoice to print or download.

Payment methods

Full details are available from here.

We will not be accepting cash.

We will accept a cheque or money order or – separately for each member – payment to our bank account by electronic transfer, or over the counter at any branch of Bendigo Bank.

Account name U3A Stonnington Inc
BSB 633 000
Account number 154565071
Reference is your 4 digit member number plus the first two letters of your surname.

The Reference is essential for a payment to be identified as yours.

At a bank branch be sure to ask the teller to include the Reference. Keep the bank stamped receipt as evidence of payment.

A donation can be added to any payment.