On 27 September 2020

Dear Members,

It is some time since I wrote to you – but we have been very busy in the meantime. Read on! 

U3A Stonnington now: continues to offer companionship, enjoyment, intellectual stimulation and interesting diversions from our currently quite restricted daily lives. Although we miss the face to face contact with friends, many of us are pleased to be able to take part in the wide variety of activities we currently offer on-line, from the comfort and safety of our homes. We will continue to take the required Covid-19 precautions necessary for the health of our demographic. 

New developments: We have made significant progress towards a new website and on-line course enrolment for 2021 using UMAS for members. (UMAS is short for U3A membership administration system.) Some of you are Associates of other U3As and will be familiar with UMAS already.

Our new website will provide much more information that will help you to keep up to date with activities and courses. It will be linked to UMAS. 

Later this year, you will be able to access UMAS for Members, and the new Website, to learn how they work, so that you will be ready to enrol again in 2021.

UMAS for Members is an excellent program in use by many U3As in Victoria. It is designed for use on computers, tablets and smart phones, and will significantly reduce office workload required to manage our organisation. 

Considerations: UMAS allows for the fact that not everyone likes doing things on-line, including making payments. Alternatives and assistance will be available. 

How will we manage these changes? We will keep you informed about our progress in setting up UMAS and the Website. To reiterate: later this year, there will be opportunities for members to gain experience in their use. Information and guidance will be available, including a very helpful manual. Details about personal guidance will depend on Covid-19 restrictions in operation at the time. 

In summary – Our plans are to: 

  • fulfill our aims as a U3A running an excellent program
  • continue with remote access to our various activities because of Covid-19
  • expand on-line activities to include enrolment
  • do what we can to keep in touch with all of our members, and to assist members who lack
     confidence with on-line activities.
    What do we ask of you?
  • We would love to hear from any members who, for various reasons, have not been able to join us in Semester 2.
  • If you have on-line expertise, or would like to learn, please contact us. We need more people to help us help others!
  • Contact friends and family to let them know about U3A Stonnington – guests are welcome to join free of charge for what remains of 2020.
  • Keep in touch with people who are isolated and lonely.
    I hope that the recent changes to our lockdown provide some relief for you.
    Kind regards, Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Brown

    President, U3A Stonnington 27 September